Welcome to CityKite

CityKite Online Services Private Limited (COSPL ) is an Online Business company. However, unlike other online shopping portals it is not only a site for selling or buying products; but it is an Online platform to enable Individuals or other Business Entities to participate in building up his/her/ their Online Businesses for realising their dreams of higher quality of living. COSPL has the objective and the potential to bring to every individual the power of E-commerce by offering her/him a unique Business Opportunity. COSPL gives every Individual an Opportunity to be a part of the growing Global Multi-Billion dollar 'Word of Mouth' or 'Referral Industry'. COSPL is guided by the Vision that every Individual who is ready to learn and work hard can succeed in achieving Financial abundance if provided with the Right Financial Vehicle. COSPL has a global perspective that encompasses entire humanity irrespective of any pre-qualifications and acknowledges that sharing economic prosperity brings joy to everyone.

Through the Online Platform offered by COSPL any Adult can participate, learn, work hard and achieve financial success in direct proportion to her/his own effort as well as the effort of the team.

There are millions of people with burning desire of establishing their own Independent sources of income and to make millions, but 'Do not know How' or 'Do not have the Finances' required for setting up their own business. COSPL is here to offer them the Opportunity and also support them to own and build their own business for achieving their dreams.