CityKite Online Services Private Limited follows the highest ethical Code of Conduct & practices in all its business operations. To upheld this principal at all times a common Code of Conduct for all its business associate are given here under

Every business Associate, regardless of whether an individual, or a company or an association or their representatives shall, at all time, when dealing on behalf of the company or representing its products or marketing them or promoting its offers shall neighter engage in any unlawful or unethical practices nor make any promises or warrantees that can be misleading, deceptive or unlawful. In the event of they doing so, they are solely liable for all costs and consequences. At all-time all Associates must be fair, honest and transparent in their business dealings.

All business Associates or their representatives are bound to work according to the specified norms of the Company. In addition, they are bound to follow local laws and regulations. If they contravene any such regulations they do so at their own risk.

All business Associates are bound to provide accurate information to prospective Associates and inform them of all the implications of becoming business Associates, their rights, duties, responsibilities and benefits.

Purchasing decision lies solely with the prospective buyers and that the Company assumes no responsibility for the growth of their indivisual or team business or recovery of a part of all cost of such purchases.

Business Associates or their representatives shall be courteous and polite in dealing with Associates of the public or with prospective as well as existing business Associates and must not exploit them in any way whatsoever or take unfair advantage of their position.

The Code of Ethics also enjoins all Associates never to make derogatory remarks or carry out unfair propaganda or comparison about competitors or any other company engaged in similar line of business or similar products.

Business Associates and their representatives are expected to present a true and fair picture of the products, quality, price, performance and guarantee as may be applicable.

Promotional literature used by business Associates must present a true picture about the products and their descriptions and must not be false or misleading and such literature must contain phone number and address of company as well as the business Associates promoting the products or business opportunity.

The company reserves the right to add, alter, amend, modify or delete any of the conditions herein without prior notice and all business Associates are advised to regularly visit the website for latest updates.