Terms of Sale

Dealing with our company and being a member makes you subject to its terms and conditions of which the terms of sale are a part.

Terms of sale govern sales of products from the company’s portfolio and are subject to the following:

  • First time members registering and ordering their starter kit remit to the company’s bank account using online, credit card, debit card or other modes of payment as available. They also need to fill out an order form. Once order is received along with remittance then it is final and cannot be cancelled nor can the money be refunded. The final decision in this matter rests with the company’s discretion. The order form states clearly the terms and conditions of sale. Taxes, service charges, courier charges, packing charges and other incidentals are clearly set out in the order.
  • Member must fill out his name, email, phone number and address as mentioned at the time of registration.
  • He must also fill in the unique membership code allotted to him on registration.
  • If member is referred by another member, the referral code is also to be included in the form while placing order.
  • Products shown are covered by guarantee or warrantee of the manufacturer and in case of services or repairs, the same shall be availed by members at the appropriate service station closest to them. The company does not directly accept any implied or express guarantee on the products made available in the scheme.
  • Member may sell such products to anyone at an appropriate price for which the company does not accept any liability.
  • If products are received in damaged condition, such damage must be reported immediately on receipt in order to initiate process of replacement. Replacement can only be made if such damaged goods are returned along with original packaging and labels within 7 days.
  • It must be clearly understood that the package and products delivered to a member shall not be used by him as the first sale to a new member he recruits in his down line. All such new members have to pass through the online ordering and purchase process from the company, entering the referral IDs.
  • Transactions are governed by local laws as applicable and subject to jurisdiction of Delhi court of Law.
  • The company reserves the right to add, amend, alter, delete or modify any of the terms herein at any time without advance intimation. Members are requested to refer website for latest updates.